ProtoVerse (Unity, C#) (Lead Programmer)

ProtoVerse is a game project I worked on at FIEA, UCF. It is a story based RTS game developed under the game lab curriculum at FIEA. It attempts to teach middle school STEM students the basics of cellular biology using a space themed fictional wrapper.

I programmed various managers and the resource system in this game. As the programming lead, I worked with other leads to make design decisions, plan the sprints and manage programming related tasks.

Project Team:

  • Programmers: Siddhant Grover, Justin Moser, Jennifer Baulier, Siddharth Suresh
  • Producers: Ed Watkins, Kayla Garand, Paul Nirenberg, Eric Virgil, Scott Kristiansen
  • Artists: Lindsay Green

The Draft (Unreal Engine, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift)

The Draft is a hybrid combat-strategy game I worked on in a team of 20 students as my capstone project at FIEA, UCF.

I worked on various AI related features, such as the melee combat AI system and I implemented a prototype of a way-point based path finding feature using path finding provided by Unreal Engine. I also worked alongside animators and technical artists to integrate animations into the project.

Hand of God (Unity, C#, Perception Neuron)

Hand of God is a game prototype I worked on at FIEA, UCF. It is a shoot ’em up game in which your hand is your weapon.

Apart from general gameplay, some of the key features I worked upon are the behavior of enemy targets. Also, I handled the processing of input from the perception neuron into the game so that the shooting mechanic could be built around it.

The primary challenge we faced in this project was the technology itself. Perception neuron (a MOCAP system) has issues such as drift and inaccuracy which needed to be handled.

Hardware: Perception Neuron

Project Team:

  • Programmers: Siddhant Grover, Evan Bass
  • Producers: Brian Foye, Ed Watkins
  • Artists: Connor Hollis, Lindsay Green

AAA ( C++ Game) (Source)

AAA (Anti-Aircraft Artillery) is a solo project which I worked on at FIEA, UCF. It is a 2 player game in which each player controls a turret which they must rotate and fire in order to shoot down enemy planes which are trying to enter their territory. The player who lets 5 enemy planes enter their territory first loses.

API Used: OpenGL API and FMOD API.

I implemented managers for handling update for game objects (rendering of their contained sprites) and physics update (collisions). The collision manager calls methods on game objects and custom game objects can be implemented to implement their behavior for collisions (using collider tags). Also, I used the FMOD API for having multiple audio clips play simultaneously.

Afterlife (Unity, C#, Vuforia)

Afterlife is a game prototype I worked on at FIEA, UCF. It is an offbeat platformer for Android devices in which the player uses their device’s camera to generate platforms to guide their dying ghost through the levels. It received the Best Game In Technology amongst all prototypes developed through the semester at FIEA.

Tools: Vuforia

Project Team:

  • Programmers: Siddhant Grover, Sanjay Nambiar
  • Producers: Erin Marek, Jordan Wexler
  • Artists: Anthony Ballinas, Tiffany Brodie

Dear Brother (Unity, C#)

Dear Brother is a game prototype I worked on at FIEA, UCF. It is a story based horror game in which you collect letters to unveil the story. It received a honorable mention and was nominated for award in the story round of rapid prototyping.

Apart from gameplay, I worked on the ghost behavior and target following AI. I also programmed the note collection mechanic and the sound triggers.

Project Team:

  • Programmers: Siddhant Grover, Evan Bass
  • Producers: Brandon Kidwell, Gabi Capraro
  • Artists: Kendall Robertson, Samuel Moss

Drowsy Driver (Unity, C#, HTC Vive)

Drowsy Driver is a game prototype I worked on at FIEA, UCF. It is an educational game in VR, which depicts how dangerous it is to drive when someone is sleepy, as the player tries to stay awake as long as possible. It received a honorable mention and was nominated for award in the game beyond entertainment round of rapid prototyping.

I handled the inputs from the HTC Vive and programmed the pick and throw physics for the Vive controllers in C#. I worked on the meters for comfort and awareness and balanced the trade offs for different interactions within the car. In this project I explored UI in 3D space for the first time as UI works differently in VR than in non-VR games.

Hardware: HTC Vive

Project Team:

  • Programmers: Siddhant Grover, Jacob Edelen
  • Producers: Hannah Pogue, Kayla Garand
  • Artists: Francisco Romero, Noel Graham

Doge Ball (Motorola 68000 Assembly Language) (Source)

Doge Ball is a solo project which I worked on at FIEA, UCF. In this game, the player has to survive as long as possible by dodging projectiles.

The most fascinating part of this project was that we were supposed to program the physics and graphics engine in assembly from scratch. Also we had to optimize the game for an acceptable frame rate, due to the performance limitations of 68K.

The game has the following features:

  • User input control of game entity
  • Bitmap background with entities moving around over it
  • Physics update of game entity, including acceleration
  • Fixed point arithmetic
  • Collision detection between game entities
  • A score indicator as a 7-segment LED
  • Randomness

Paper Pilot (Adobe Flash, ActionScript 3.0)

Paper Pilot is a game prototype I worked on at FIEA, UCF. It is a casual game in which the player guides a paper plane through obstacles, to a target using a fan and vacuum cleaner.

Paper pilot was my first project in Flash. It was a great learning experience since I hadn’t used ActionScript prior to this project.

Project Team:

  • Programmers: Siddhant Grover
  • Producers: Rodrigo Rojas-Ferrer, Cameron Schwach, Vincent Metante
  • Artists: Boo Roseman, Connor Hollis