Annulus – Developer Diary – Week 8

Here is a summary of what I did this week!

  • Implemented Contact class, its objects are generated and managed by CollisionDetector. These objects represent collisions with their associated data, and are handled by the world.
  • Implemented Collider class, a base for all types of objects that can enter into collisions in the simulation. Implemented Circle, a type of Collider. Implemented management of colliders through the World.
  • Implemented CollisionDetector, the collision detection system which runs the appropriate tests to check for collisions, generates contacts associated with collisions and forwards them to the world for being handled.
  • Implemented a test scene with a demo of collision between two Circles.
  • Reviewed theory on collision detection using Separating Axis Theorem, and how to extend the theorem to derive contact data such as contact normal, contact point and interpenetration depth.

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