About Me


Hey! I am Siddhant Grover. In 2013, I made pong with a couple of friends in Unity3D while watching a YouTube video series. From that point on I have been programming games. After completing my undergraduate degree in Computer Science, I decided to pursue my Masters in Interactive Entertainment at Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA), University of Central Florida.

I am currently an Engineering Intern on the Native Team at a San Francisco based startup called Discord. On the side, I have been working on my 2D physics engine (Source) which I intend to integrate with my data driven game engine in C++ (Source). Before this, I worked on The Draft, my capstone project at FIEA. The Draft is a RTS game in VR where the player plays both the tactician and soldier in a gladiatorial sport.

I am interested in learning more about game engine architecture, game physics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

If you’d like to contact me regarding  job opportunities or in case you’re curious about my work, reach out to me here.